Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Next Evening

Well! I'm glad we weren't planning to watch stars this evening! It's grey and drizzling - quite nice to see a bit of rain actually, as long as it stops by the morning!
We had to go up to water the potato bags and greenhouse. The pumpkin on Plot3 definitely doesn't need help growing - it's gone crazy!
And there are a few pumpkins which look pretty good for the competition in October...
The Rocky cucumbers are flowering and we should be eating cucumbers daily quite soon...
The potatoes on Plot3 are a sadder tale...just hope there are some tubers under there..
We had lunch out, so a little light tea using up the last small Annabelle potatoes cooked in oil and garlic.
And 3 yellow courgettes with cheese and spring onions...mmmm. Needed more by the time it was cooked!


  1. Your pumpkin and cucumber looks so healthy! I'm not lucky on growing cucumber this season.

  2. No rain her although the sky did look ominous for a while.


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