Monday, 4 July 2016

Cloud Watching

A lovely sunny afternoon on the plot yesterday. It wasn't a quick visit, but this is a quick blogpost. Apart from weeding and hoeing I sowed some radish (black ones) and turnip (Atlanta) in the little raised bed on Plot3. It's next to the curry plant, which has such an amazing smell! I think we shouldn't have let it flower, but look how pretty the buds are.
I made this timelapse using Lapse-It on my phone. Just watch the clouds and get lost for a minute....
We planted out calendula and marigolds. The poor plants were all rather pot-bound, but they should recover, although they may not be as bushy as the plants that were planted a couple of weeks ago. I cleared some of the enormous fallen stems from the rhubarb - a real haven for slugs! Right beside our strawberries.
But are these the slugs that do the damage? I'm not sure. These are more interested in decomposing matter, according to the DEFRA slug site - where they mention the UK's largest slug....25cm long - Aaarrgh, lucky it's a woodland slug so we shouldn't stumble across that on the allotment!!


  1. Clouds look lovely. And nice to see those busy workers scuttling about so quickly.
    I do not want to find a 25cm slug!!

  2. I'm not convinced those slugs are innocent.


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