Sunday, 17 July 2016

Feeling Foodie

It was another hot, humid day. In fact there was a short rain shower while we were on the plot this afternoon. We were mowing some of the grass paths, which look good but need a lot of maintenance. It was so hot that we didn't stay long, so I made the planned fennel and courgette soup. I used this little bowl that my brother brought me home from Dinard, Brittany about 35 years ago - just as a taster, you understand :-)
We're looking after our neighbour's plot (Hungerford in Bloom Marsh Lane winner, Neal) and the three green courgettes in the trug are from there - he did say we could pick them! The potatoes are the 2 Annabelle from one of the bags. A First Early which we haven't grown before - they look good and we'll have some of them tonight.

I intended to use this recipe for the soup, but didn't stick to it. I fried the fennel and then the courgette, which was only roughly peeled; I scraped quite a lot of the inside out, as I used the big courgettes. I had to buy the onion as it's too early for ours.
Mm, I could have eaten that lot straight from the pan, but I refrained and added it to the fried onion and 600ml of vegetable stock - for once it was the right consistency without any extra fluid to be added and has made a litre of soup for a few days lunches.
This is the broad bean curry we had last night - we were going to add Quorn but it really didn't need it.


  1. Food, food, food! If I hadn't had a huge lunch at the Queen's today and then made 40 mini quiches for work tomorrow (end of term buffet), I may have enjoyed reading this more!!!

    1. 40?! But then you can relaxxxx! (But I bet you don't)!

  2. Yummy! All fresh product, it must be so healthy...


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