Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer Vegetables

Ooh, I'm excited - look what's in the oven! Looks cool, huh?
I got the recipe from Pinterest,
I got the ingredients from the allotment - 
Ah, apart from the onion, tomatoes and the cheese which will be added for the last 20 mins in the oven.
It's got fried onion and garlic under the thin slices of courgette, potato (Kestrel) and tomato.
I hope it keeps its shape/colour once cooked, I won't be photographing it. I'll be eating it :)


  1. Looks like the Ratatouille of the movie of the same name. Tasty stuff!

    1. Ha! I've never thought of ratatouilli looking like that!

  2. That looks really pretty. Hooe it tasted good!

  3. It did look very colourful when raw, so did it keep the colour and shape after cooking and how did it taste?

  4. Wonder if it tasted as good as it looks? Lovely looking veg!

  5. It was as tasty as it looked and kept much of its colour. It did take an hour longer than expected though, so I think next time I'd slice the potato a bit thicker and par boil. Mmm, it was delicious!

  6. First picture would make great wallpaper.


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