Saturday, 16 July 2016

Take Care...

.. whilst barefoot-gardening. Ouch! I found this in my foot. I thought it was a bit of thistle until I looked closer. It's the jawbone of a common shrew! It's tiny, about 7mm long.
It was such a lovely hot day (26°) even I removed a couple of layers while we spent the afternoon weeding, and watering.Even though it was mostly cloudy.
The cloches are off the sweetcorn and I planted out the Speedy dwarf french beans.
Some of the fennel is beginning to grow tall and thin, rather than the bulb fattening up, so I'm going to make soup with those tomorrow, before they go to seed.
The garlic has got rust - a common fungal disease, but it's due to be pulled anyway, so won't impact on growth at this stage. I've lifted some of the bulbs and will remove them soon because we don't want the rust spreading to the onions. I'll dry them out in the greenhouse, but need to check that rust can't spread to anything in there.
The runner beans are beginning to set, but seem quite slow growing across the site this year. Even with lots of empty plots the site cheers up when the towers and walls of scarlet flowers appear.
We've got a broad bean curry tonight and I'll have the yellow mangetout on the side so that the plants keep producing flowers.

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  1. How come your beans are so tall already? Mine are so weedy!


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