Wednesday, 6 July 2016

An Extra Day on the Plot

I had plans for Tuesday, they fell through but once you've booked leave it's difficult to go back on that, particularly when the sun is shining, so we had a fabulous sunny day on the plot. We were doing more tidying of the plot - mostly Plot 7 and Plot 8. And we picked our first raspberries of the year - so tasty when eaten with strawberries.

Jamie found this tiny, tiny mushroom - look how small yet perfectly formed it is!
 I haven't been able to id it yet.
We're pleased to say that our second sowing of carrots has germinated and all the second sowing of mangetout have also popped out of the ground now. These are the yellow-podded ones, which are doing far better than the purple-podded. They're still a bit weak, but the flowers are pretty.
Whilst weeding and clear hundreds of tiny grape hyacinth bulbs (I'm drying them out in the greenhouse) I pulled this couch grass stem - look how nothing gets in its way! We've seen it growing through a potato before too!
The butterflies have re-emerged since the weather cheered up. Here's a white - I think it's a small white.
And in the evening we had the HAHA AGM. Not a great turnout, but more plotholders than committee members, so that's good! And we had a nice drink and chat after the hour of talking 'business'!


  1. Watch out for those caterpillars!

  2. Couch - the bane of my life!! Everything on my veg patch is looking a bit yellow

    1. You can water with Epson salts to put a bit of colour back into your plants!


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