Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mostly Green

But starting with a bit of colour as the raspberries are doing pretty well on Plot7 this year, obviously leaving them to do their own thing is the answer!
We're disappointed with our 3 grafted pepper plants. We expected them to produce a whole string of peppers... At the moment they're all green but they should colour-up when they're ripe.
Milena - the orange one
Perhaps the colder weather mid-growth stopped them in their tracks.
Britney - the red one
Or maybe it was just not warm enough with the greenhouse door open - but it gets stifling in there during the day if it's shut.
Chelsea - the yellow one
Well, hopefully these five peppers will grow big and tasty, even if they don't produce the 'abundance of tasty peppers' the plants are meant to.
At the end of the greenhouse the loofah is growing tall. It's rather straggly with just one flower and no fruits yet...
The pumpkins on Plot7 are spreading as intended - we want them to grow over and around the sweetcorn as the small pumpkins then hang and stay nice and clean.
The Minicole cabbages on Plot3 are looking more like cabbages now. We weeded most of the plot today and it's looking much happier - though the spuds still look awful!
This ringlet butterfly was in the greenhouse, reminding me that I need to do the Big Butterfly Count but want a nice sunny day to do it on - today wasn't sunny, but was warm. 
And for dinner we have our first runner beans - Benchmaster. They have a red line along the edge. I'd take a photo but they're in the cooking pot right now!


  1. Looking very nice. I'm happy for you that your raspberries are doing well, as own raspberries are so nice.

  2. Being me, I would be sending a photo and email of the pepper plants to the supplier and asking what was wrong? When you pay quite a bit for something it should grow better than that.
    No use doing the Butterfly count here as all we would be recording would be cabbage whites and the odd gatekeeper.


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