Saturday, 9 July 2016

Little Things and Longpods

A warm, windy afternoon on the plot, attempting to make it look like a reasonable entry to Hungerford in Bloom, for the judging tomorrow. We're not expecting great things - we've seen the opposition and their plots have less bare earth and less weeds. But, we've got fresh broads beans for tea, so who cares? :-)
The greenhouse tomatoes all have little fruits appearing, but it looks like we're going to get less on the Indigo Rose at the moment ..
As do the peppers, slowly but surely...
And the loofah is beginning to go a bit wild, but no flowers yet.
The marigolds are flowering though, aw, they're so pretty.
The garlic is beginning to go rusty and I think I may pull one or two up tomorrow. They can start drying off in the greenhouse.
A slightly larger yellow courgette this time. That's part of my tea tomorrow, but I didn't want it to get any bigger on the plant overnight. The broad beans are Longpods and some of them were very long.


  1. They used to have allotment competitions on our site well actually it was run by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. We never entered because it seemed to us that to win anything you had to really just grow the stuff on your allotment and leave it without any harvesting until after the judges had been. It seemed pointless really having an allotment if you couldn't harvest anything. Also the judges didn't really know anything about gardening. They just looked for a full tidy plot without any weeds.

    1. I think maybe that's why our judging is done quite early. But nothing will stop us harvesting if we see something is ready for picking! Of course, that may be one of the reasons we don't win!!

    2. I think you are the winner in other ways.

  2. Everything's coming along really well! My courgette plants are still the same as they were when I planted them out back in June - can't believe it!

  3. Lovely broad beans. Lots going on. Hope you get lucky in the judging!

  4. I love broad beans. I will definitely have a go at growing them next year.


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