Sunday, 24 July 2016

In the Night Garden

It was my birthday yesterday - such a beautiful hot, sunny day, just how I remember most of my birthdays. I love being a July baby!
We had a late night on the allotment to watch bats, stars and enjoy a bottle of wine. The swifts and swallows entertained us for an hour or so before sunset at 9:20. They were swooping so low over the bean poles.
The pigeons and a distant peacock(!) were the last birds to go to sleep and then the moths and bats came out. Our bat detector provided the evidence that there were more bats around than we actually saw, probably mostly the common pipistrelle.
It's nice taking night photos - you don't notice the bugs till you get home!
The stars and planets were shining brightly in the clear sky. Jupiter was, as usual, the first to be visible. The star app on my phone showed that it's just below the Leo constellation - I prefer to have Leo as my star sign, though I am on the cusp of Cancer - I'd rather be a lion than a crab :-)  Mars and Saturn were really visible as part of a triangle to the South of the allotments.
The night-scented stock provided us with a highly fragranced evening and the moths were enjoying them as much as we were. 
There's a moth on the photo above ...
  We walked home to the sound of hooting owls. Aah, I love Summer!
Macrame by my sister


  1. My sister is a lion and I am a bull.

    Night scented stock were some of the first seeds I sowed as a child.


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