Saturday, 2 April 2016

Finding Things

We had a great afternoon on the plot in the sun today - digging, sitting and chatting. Jamie found a marble and a coin - always a treat! This is the third and oldest we've found.
The coin is very light and quite small 23mm diameter. After a bit of cleaning, manipulation in a photo app and a bit of web browsing we figure it's a farthing. Four farthings made a penny, so not too much to lose. This is Britannia 

George II reigned from 1727-1760. The coin is dated 1740-something, can't quite make out the last number. But, once you know, it is possible to make out part of GEORGIUS and the II. And, I think it may be 1744, because there is a U in his name, rather than a V.   Cool!

We also found that our broad beans have sprouted - hoorah!
And our potato chits are going a bit crazy, so we really want to get them planted out in the next week or two...


  1. Not very sunny here. Have you tried dropping the coin into cola to clean it up?

    1. I used vinegar on a cotton bud and it's a bit cleaner now but I think if I clean it anymore I'll cause more damage.

  2. Great detective work with the coin! I like when objects give a little history lesson


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