Saturday, 16 April 2016

3-Day Weekend

The plan this weekend is mostly to plant our spuds; some in the ground and some in bags. I've taken Monday off work to make up for today's weather - I've just checked... Not very inviting, if the forecast is right - Ugh, look at those 'feels like' temperatures!
It's been a mixed week weatherwise, drenching yesterday and even a bit of thunder one evening, but Tuesday was lovely! So warm and sunny that my office buddy, Ruth, and I visited the local family-run Savages garden centre in Blewbury at lunchtime.
Pots of tea in the sunshine. Polytunnel envy and a little bit of shopping (I bought a blue hibiscus shrub for £2.95! And some new potatoes and some bird seed. Oh yes, and some lovely relish. Oh, and a home-made cake :)). What a delight!
I could happily sit on that seat all day long!

It was hard going back to work but, now I know where it is, I know I'll be re-visiting Savages, it is lovely!


  1. Get your cabbages at Savages.. I like it!

  2. Tuesday wasn't good for us but Wednesday was good. It's cold today though.

    1. Hmm, now you say that, it may have been Wednesday that we went to the garden centre...


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