Saturday, 9 April 2016

April Showers; Scuppered Plans

Definitely an April showers day, and some of the showers were heavy and cold - eurgh, not nice to get caught in...(I hope you can see this little animated gif, made up of 11 photos while we sheltered in the car).
Our plan to continue digging the potato plot didn't come to much. Jamie did some digging, but I spent time clearing last year's carrot and parsnip plots. A lot of grotty parsnip and carrot remains were chopped up and added to the compost bin. And 2 soggy piles of thistles, grass and other weeds have been put on a grid to dry - some chance! The patch looked better when we left, but too rainy to stop for a photo.
Our seeds, and a few tiny seedlings, got a nice watering while we left them outside the greenhouse. I sowed salad leaf, rocket and little gem lettuce in a tray last Sunday. Also some chard and Boltardy beetroot into modules. Today I sowed some Florence fennel into modules too. There are also our free petunias 'Night Sky' which arrived as plug plants last week and have been potted on. I hope they grow to be as beautiful as the pictures promise!
Our 3 grafted pepper plants were delivered from Thompson & Morgan during tthe week and Jamie potted them on and put them in a little propagator (an old Roses chocolates container). There's one of each: Britney, Chelsea and Milena.
Here's a link to my latest Chainmail article. Written in January when we were still in misery about losing the site. It's still hanging over us, but nothing seems so bad in Springtime..
During one long shower we escaped to the local Wyevale Garden Centre and bought some Farmyard manure. It was still too rainy when we got back to the plot so we gave up and went home.


  1. Love the animated image. Sums things up perfectly.

    1. Thanks! I found a new option on my camera and animations on Google photos. I'm going to over-use these options for a while :-)

  2. I did some soggy weeding today.

  3. I thought about planting some seeds yesterday........

  4. I hope you have had a better day today. Its been lovely here.


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