Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Looking (Straight) Ahead

I've said it before, I don't do straight! These two rows of  'Masterpiece Green Longpod' broad beans (plus 3 spares) weren't meant to be parallel or equally spaced. They'll look fine when the plants bush out a bit.
They were going to be about 20cm apart and some of them are...
They had outgrown their modules and had strong roots. A few leaves had been nibbled by slugs but now they're planted out (on a pile of organic matter - this was dug in after it rotted away over the Winter) and have slug pellet protection and the bed is surrounded by netting to stop birds (and children) eating the plants or pellets.
October 2015
We've had some news about alternative allotment sites which the Council (and allotment association) is looking into. An area of the Triangle Field - a Council-owned piece of land, which is currently used by local clubs including rugby, football and theatre. The second possibility is of a new permanent site being created as part of the new housing development plan at the top of town (actually the South). Both these options sound hopeful as they aren't rented from private landlords, with housing development interest...
Not sure where the £100 figure came from - we have at least 50 unallocated poles currently
Well, decisions need to be made and I'm sure this is going to run on for a good while yet :-( You can see from the map that there are very few green spaces around Hungerford!!
Marsh Lane is marked by the peg at top left of map


  1. Fingers crossed all will turn out well in the end...

  2. I hope something is sorted out for you soon.

  3. I don't think straight lines are that important...
    I hope the site gets sorted soon!😬

    1. I quite agree - to both those comments!


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