Sunday, 17 April 2016

Potato Day Again

Potato Day is always a rather similar (dull) blogpost, but it's a useful record for us to keep track of what and when we planted - so stop reading now if you don't care what we planted! And here's a picture of a carrion crow to raise interest :-)
Digging the trench is such hard work - a real back-breaker. But it means the patch gets an extra bit of digging. The earth is really claggy; wet and rather clay-ey on Plot3.
We added the shredded paper and grass clippings to the bottom of the trench, along with some manure. It's now a row of 12 Kestrels with one Salad Blue at the end.
The rest of our potatoes we've planted in 6 bags: 
2x Orla (plus a separate 1 Orla)
2x Salad Blue
2x Athlete
2x Chopin
2x Annabelle
The bags were partially filled with a mix of John Innes, Multi-purpose and some potato fertiliser. Now we sit back and wait a bit and hope it doesn't get frosty once they pop through the earth...


  1. It's not easy to grow potato here in our home garden. I don't know how many time I have tried.

  2. We long ago abandoned the trench planting method and now just use a trowel. It spares the back and is quicker. :-)

    1. Yes. The bag planting was much easier :-)

    2. We don't plant in bags but use at trowel to plant in open ground,

  3. The bags look interesting. What sort of bags are they and what soil/compost.

    1. They were actually sold as 'potato bags' - quite cheap from Wilko!
      We used a mix of multi-purpose compost and John Innes Plant (No2?)


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