Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Meal with Leeks and Lardons

Two huge leeks from a fellow-plotholder (Thanks Neal!) meant a change of plan for dinner, using ingredients we had available.
So I was cooking - I don't cook very often (hence the blogpost!) and I don't like anything with too much timing/accuracy involved as I always forget to keep track of time (Jamie would say, that it doesn't help when I'm taking a photo every few minutes, but there you go!)

Chopped leeks, with black pepper, were fried until soft-ish and then added to the fried Quorn lardons (vegetarian bacon-style bits) to keep warm while the gnocchi was cooked.
The gnocchi was boiled for ~5 minutes, then drained and fried until golden brown in the leek pan, adding a little flavour.
Tomatoes were added for effect and voila! That's what we had for tea last night - yum!


  1. I looks really good - I've never tasted quorn does it add flavour or texture

    1. The Quorn lardons are (apparently) bacon-flavoured. They smell vaguely like bacon while they're in the pan and add some flavour to the meal. Some of the other Quorn things are more like chicken, so take the flavour of what you cook them with.

  2. I entered comment yesterday but maybe didn't send.
    Mains me hungry. Do you make the gnocchi yourself. I've never cooked them.

    1. Sorry, I've been slow publishing. No, I've never made gnocchi - just buy the bags. I prefer it fried rather than straight from the boiling water, though that's quite nice too


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