Monday, 28 March 2016

What Katie Did

That was a stormy night! Lashing rain and howling winds. We were expecting destruction on the site, but it was surprisingly unaffected. There isn't much to damage at this time of year. There are a few flowers on plots but this tiny wildflower (the flowerhead is about 5mm) is making its own way along the stone pile.
Common Field Speedwell
Not much for a bee to enjoy but we have seen a few. Today this bumblee was put amongst our grape hyacinths when we found her on the grass.
Wildlife blog has more photos
Jamie was on compost-duty; merging the two bins on Plot3 and moving them away from the potato plot. We always end up moving our bins around the plots and then finding they're still in an inconvenient place!
I was sowing some seeds! I've sown coriander, dill and parsley into biggish pots in the greenhouse. I mixed some manure with potting compost from last years potato and grow bags. It may be a bit early, but plenty more seeds if these ones fail. I also sowed some Boltardy beetroot into modules.
I sprinkled Grow-More in the raised bed and covered it with black plastic so the earth will get nice and warm for sowing in a few weeks time.
Blossom bursting in the hedge
Last job of the day - empty last night's rain from the gauge!
Quite a lot for one night


  1. I thought you'd appreciate that :-)

  2. Yep, Katie was a bit of a rascal. Flooded my plot.
    (Just for any non-UK bod around here, and for when people read this in the future... )

    1. Thanks! Sorry to see about your plot :-(

  3. Fantastic photos of the bees!

    1. Thanks! My super-macro button decided to work!

  4. What a lot of rain.
    I got tired reading about all the work you were doing. Glad you both love it so much.


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