Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rotten Start to the Day

Of course, it was only rotten because it was an all-too-quick visit to the allotment before going to work! And what a beautiful morning it was; the birds were singing and there was no-one else around.
Look at that lovely blue sky!
I only nipped up to do a couple of things:
  1. Open the greenhouse: The temperature gets up to nearly 40° in the sunshine - just a bit too hot for our little seeds! Overnight the temperature was 2° outside and 3.4° in the greenhouse, so it doesn't make that much different but may prevent some damage if there is a bad frost maybe...
  2. Water the grass path that we sowed at the weekend.
  3. Give Robbie a few mealworms - he was there waiting for me on his usual fence post.
The radish seedlings are up - I just sowed a little row in front of our broad beans, which have quite a few flowers now. There are loads of bees and other flying insects around so hopefully we'll get some beans fairly soon.
And that was it, time for work :-(
Then a quick visit after work to seal the greenhouse from another cold night ahead...


  1. Did you need to be up specially early?

    1. No, I had a late start at work so I went to the plot at about 7:30 It stayed sunny all day but we've still got the really chilly North wind :-(


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