Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oops - sorry about the rhubarb!

The last few days of sunshine have meant that the grape hyacinths have opened up a little. They still have a way to go but I thought the photo was worth an entry in the blog - nice to have a bit of colour on the screen!
We owe someone an apology - the resigning plotholder did want their rhubarb! Sorry about that! It's all put right now though. They've got their rhubarb back and we went shopping to Yew Tree Garden Centre to fill the gap on our plot :-)

Raspberry Red rhubarb
Not quite as impressive as the rhubarb that was in there yesterday, but at least we know the variety of this one - Raspberry Red. Our other plant is a Victoria so it's good to know we are growing two different varieties.

I dug some manure into the area where the fennel will be going and Jamie filmed a bag full of green waste to take home to the green bin. We didn't stay much longer as I'd been fooled into thinking it was summer and didn't wear a coat - 10° is too chilly for me. It got down to -5° last night though so luckily most people are still holding off with sowing at the moment!

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  1. WE have that variety of rhubarb too and it is usually slightly later.


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