Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Plot 8 - the backbreaker!

How lucky we've been with the weather so far during this week off work! It was blowing a bitterly cold North-Easterly wind but again there was some nice warming sunshine (7° while we were working).

We were digging Plot 8 - such hard work compared to Plot 7, which has now been dug and dug again for three years. Plot 8 hasn't had quite such loving care and attention!
Look at all those stones and a bucketful of weeds from just a small area. And that took us about two hours #groan

Peeped under the netting at the Aqua Dulce broad beans which were sowed at the end of October. They're looking pretty good and looking at this photo is that a sign of a flower bud in the background?? I don't think they're meant to be dwarf variety!


  1. Must admit we have never tried to remove stones on our plot it would be a losing battle.

    1. We have noticed that some people on site leave even big stones on their plots, but you can see the pile of stones beyond our plot that a lot have been removed!

      These are big stones - like, half brick-sized flints and bigger. You'd remove those wouldn't you?

    2. Yes we would remove the very big stones (I hadn't realised how big the ones you remove were. We use these to hold down netting etc.

    3. Us too. We spend time removing all the stones and then scour the piles for big ones to put back on our plots to hold the netting down! The slugs do love a pile of stones though! If we get to stay on our site I want to home some hedgehogs - they'd be the happiest hogs around!

  2. Serves me right for being smug about the weather - it's snowing again today! Doh!


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