Friday, 19 April 2013

Finding Treasure!

Jamie was at the plot for most of the day digging plot 8B and finding more huge chunks of concrete, which is why he's aching beside me right now. Not sure where the concrete is from. Possibly a result of the canal dredging which was apparently done in the 1970s or 80s. He found this 1886 penny coin, which although not particularly rare, is rather exciting and in good condition.
Queen Victoria
We did find an older coin on the site a couple of years ago  - it was another penny from 1797(!) with George III on it - such poor condition I couldn't get a photo of it though.

I joined Jamie in the afternoon but didn't do a lot of work, just a little digging but mostly socialising and taking pics. It's lovely to see that the hedge is now beginning to go green and these are blackthorn flowers - which will turn into sloes later in the year. Tiny little flowers.
Very pleased too to see that both our rhubarb plants are looking really healthy and have a substantial growth spurt over the last week - the April showers and sun have really done the trick!
Also, as expected the chives have all sprouted up. You can see it's separating already.
And, the garlic is looking happier with the added Growmore giving it a helping hand...
Lastly, the chives have gone a bit crazy over the last week and they've got flower buds - this is also a gratuitous picture of the grape hyacinths which keep getting a mention because they're such a pretty colour!


  1. Hopefully we will be picking some rhubarb this afternoon and are still eating frozen compote from last year!

    1. How lovely. I look forward to that next year.


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