Saturday, 4 May 2013

Flowering and Germinating

Various visits to the plot this week - Jamie's been digging during the day (back permitting) and then we went up each evening to shut the greenhouse down. The temperature is ranging from -2° to 20° out in the open and between 2° and 38° in the greenhouse!
The seeds have appreciated it - the marigolds have all germinated but no sign of the beetroot yet.
The strawberries are flowering - this one looks a bit frost-bitten so probably won't fruit.
And the broad beans have real flowers now :-)
And look how much the hedge has grown - so pretty!


  1. The trouble is that the temperature range isn't good for the seedlings is it?

    1. No, when they get a bit bigger we'll need to move them out during the day, but we won't feel free of frost till June really


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