Saturday, 6 April 2013

HAHA Workday and Rhubarb

It was a HAHA workday today and we had fabulous weather for it! It reached 12° and the sun shone for most of the day - perfect!
There were enough of us in the workgroup that it didn't take us too long to clear empty plots of big stones, rubbish and other debris, so that the plots can be rotavated during the week.
We hope that a reasonable-looking plot will make the task less daunting for newcomers, particularly as we can only confirm their plot for a year at the moment - well, I know I wouldn't want to spend too many weeks/months preparing the way. Of course, we're still hoping we've got more time on the site!!

Once we'd got the bonfire burning well and had hot drinks and cakes with the other volunteers and plotholders we were ready to do some work on our own plot.
One of the benefits of helping out - we gained a healthy looking rhubarb plant which was unwanted on a plot! Hopefully it will survive the move. It's alongside our other little rhubarb plant.


  1. Someone will be lucky having a plot cleared for them!

    1. Yes, it's in our interests too. It means there shouldn't be horrible overgrown plots in the middle of our site.

      The bad news today though is that the rhubarb we planted took wasn't unwanted after all (oops!) We're going shopping now :-)


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