Sunday, 14 April 2013

Potatoes - A Row a Day...

We got to the allotment this afternoon. There had been some torrential showers in the morning so the ground was pretty wet. Look how much rain had fallen since we left the site yesterday - 5mm, that's quite a lot really!
It was quite warm but windy in the afternoon. We managed to get our second row of First Earlies in the ground. Another trench with a little 6X fertilizer sprinkled in, then well-rotted manure, then Marsh Lane earth so the spuds were added at a depth of about 10cm.
The next two rows will be Kestrels and they won't mind waiting a bit before they go in the ground.

Most of the grape hyacinths are actually opening up now - so pretty and, if you remember, we got these bulbs for free!
And, we were pleased to see that one (only one) of our shallots has green shoots - usually the rest follow on fairly swiftly. I'll get under the netting soon and free any which have their leaves trapped in the skin.
I sprinkled some GrowMore around the garlic and hoed it in. that should bring them on a bit - they don't seem to have changed much over the last month or so - I guess they're probably about 15cm tall at the moment.
I've updated the wildlife blog with some images of a pea leaf weevil we found beside a dead broad bean...


  1. I managed to get 15 King Edwards in yesterday. Row 2 will be Maris Pipers once they've chitted a bit more.

    Once planted, do you flatten down your rows or build a ridge?

    1. Nice to get the potatoes on the go - they look so great when they're growing.
      We flatten down the earth and then earth up when the haulms (foliage) is a few inches tall. Unless there's a frost predicted and then we'll earth them up to protect the foliage from frost damage.
      Last year the first leaves appeared within 3 weeks of planting - always exciting :-)

  2. We still have to start potato planting and no flowers yet on our grape hyacinths but the shallots are shooting well.

    1. Yes, I think your idea of starting the shallots in modules is a good idea, but we don't have room to do that.
      It's certainly feeling pretty Spring-like again today, though really windy :-(


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