Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sow Far Sow Good

We didn't expect it to be so hot today but it was lovely and mostly sunny. A great day for getting a lot of our seeds sown...Here goes...
Scarlet Empire runner beans, Oarsman leeks and Revenge sprouts in modules.
Best of All swede direct into the ground.
Albion Parsnips and 3 varieties of carrot (Purple Sun, Eskimo & Primo) direct into the ground. The parsnips have bottle cloches for protection and, as usual, are sown 3 per station - we'll only keep the best seedlings. The carrots are in 2 rows under enviromesh.
American cress (like watercress, but doesn't need running water (apparently)) into a pot, which will stay behind the greenhouse, as it likes a bit of shade.
Some Empress of India Nasturtium  and Radish Rats Tails in an empty spot near the compost bins.
Paris Silverskin onions in the raised bed with the beets. And, the beets I planted out last week are Cylindria, not Boltardy as I've been thinking!
Tenerife spuds
Here's a timelapse of part of our day ...


  1. Where did you get the American no water cress from?

    1. Kings Seeds (a couple of years ago I think). Still seem to be available though -

    2. Ah it's the same as land cress - that I know


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