Friday, 29 May 2015

Digging, Earthing, Feeding, Living!

Aah, a few days off work are always welcome and particularly at this time of year. The bird life is amazing around the site at the moment. The kestrel nest is situated near to plot 3 and there was a huge commotion there the other day when magpies were trying to get at it. The kestrel parents were not happy! And today the kestrel and a heron were having a fight! I wouldn't have thought a heron would be interested in a kestrel nest, but that's what seemed to be the problem. The swallows and martens swoop overhead and they too have fights with the naughty magpies. And the crows argue and chase the kites away - it's all action!
We had all day to work on the plots, with a break at lunchtime when we went home for a rest.
We got a lot done. We're pleased with how the digging is going on Plot 3, away from the hedge roots it's much easier. So we should be able to get the pumpkins and squash in the ground fairly soon.
We earthed up and added potato fertiliser to each row of spuds and to the two potato bags. We fed all the strawberry plants with Tomorite and sprinkled a bit of vegetable fertiliser around the broad bean plants which have quite a few flowers which the bees are working well, so I hope the beans aren't too far off.
Lots of the recently sown seeds have germinated but no sign of any leeks yet, I think they're always quite slow to appear.

This is the only flower in our wildflower bed, currently surrounded by seedlings. Actually I think it's a weed, not something I sowed, but it's rather pretty, so it gets to live :-)
These are our chilli (which is going to be too hot for me to enjoy) and sweet pepper plants. Now housed in the greenhouse.


  1. That is a huge new bed and the soil looks lovely. You must be very excited about it and also beginning to plant up the greenhouse. Peppers look very good. It is so cold here I am wrapped up in a blanket with a hot water bottle on my lap.

    1. Yes our evenings still feel chilly to me, but hopefully our little plants can handle it now. They 've got enough wildlife to contend with without the weather too!

  2. I smiled at the chairs on the virtual patio,. The flower is a red campion and after all weeds are just wild flowers aren't they?


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