Sunday, 3 May 2015

He's Only Gone and Done It Again!

Jamie that is. He's taken on another plot... well, Plot 3 has recently been given up and the site has quite a few empty so he's doing the site a favour <ahem>. I'm pleased too, the greenhouse is taking up a bit more space than expected so I may need to transfer my courgettes onto Plot 3 too - it's intended to be the pumpkin patch.

Jamie's sprayed Round-Up on the back of the plot to clear some of the couch grass and dug along the hedge-edge to mark the boundary - it's about 2 poles (50m²) and has some raspberry canes and a rhubarb plant already growing on it.
The ground was so dry yesterday that Jamie found it very hard digging but there's been lots of rain today and overnight so we may get to work on it tomorrow.
Look who made themselves at home on our bench while we weren't watching! There are so many pigeons about but luckily the hedgerow and tree buds are mostly keeping them fed at the moment.
Our seedlings are coming along well in the greenhouse. There's life in most of the pots and trays, though still waiting for the Defender courgettes to make a show...
Purple-podded peas
I transplanted some of the thinned lettuce seedlings in the raised bed. I also sowed a few more spring onions and radish - I've been nibbling a few radishes recently, but not enough to make a proper salad yet.
The strawberry plants are covered in flowers. Unfortunately the black centres mean that the flower got frosted so that won't be producing an early fruit for us. Hopefully we'll not get more hard frosts - though we're not safe until June really... :-(
There's no stopping the British potatoes but the Tenerife ones are too afraid to come out from the warm earth yet - hope there is life in them under the ground and in the bags.
I'm looking forward to making some chive flower vinegar again, it is so pretty and nice to have oniony-flavoured vinegar for salad dressing.
Nearly ready...
We've found a few smashed eggs around the site. Look at that pretty little egg. Sadly, that looks to be the egg of a Song Thrush. What a shame! We need them to deal with the slugs and snails. :-(


  1. Best of luck with the new plot.

    1. Thanks Rooko - it should be good enough for pumpkins, but maybe not much else for a while yet...

  2. I really envy to your seedlings, so fresh and lush. Your strawberry makes me so jealous. Mine looks so poor, some of the clump have decayed caused by very wet weather this past two months.

    1. Sadly a slug has discovered the greenhouse and nibbled the tops off my two gerkhins and a squash - lucky there's time to sow a few replacements.... and add some slug pellets

  3. You will never look back once you have that new bit of ground up and running. If you don`t want more veg there, Aldi are selling Shake and Rake boxes of seeds to scatter for £1.49. I`ve bought a yellow one of flowers and one with all kinds of herbs. Can`t be bad for that price.

    1. There are some bargains around! We're having flowers on Plot 7. We're not expecting to get the whole of the new plot sorted this year so will dig holes and fill with manure for pumpkin/squash. Who knows what may turn up in the meantime - we've seen quite a few marigold seeds on there, so it may be rather pretty!


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