Friday, 8 May 2015

Rhubarb Rhubarb!

Don't worry, I'm not talking about the bloomin' election media! I've had quite enough of that! But here are our two huge rhubarb plants providing us with our first food from the allotment this year (not counting salad and herbs).
I 'lomo-ish'ed the photo in Picasa
The slugs and snails have discovered our greenhouse. A snail nibbled three of the gherkin seedlings - he got winged over the hedge! I'll be re-sowing the remaining seeds soon.
Adding slug pellets too late
As you can see, I'm not risking my lovely little Florence fennel seedlings and have put slug pellets in the trays.
I also put slug pellets in the raised bed around the salad crops yesterday because I saw a few leaves had been eaten. Today I found about 10 dead slugs and snails :-( Not nice. At least they're leaving some seedlings alone at the moment...these are Cornells Bush Delicata squash
and beets.
The beetroot really ought to be planted out this weekend, but I'll transplant the squashes into larger pots and let them grow on in the greenhouse for a while yet.

We cut the grass and cleared some of the edges as that's where the slugs and snails love to hide - that is the trouble with having grassed paths, although they do look good.


  1. Our slugs and snails (mainly snails unless I am wearing gloves) are often airborne too. I an surprised that they haven't evolved wings. I have read that they find their way back but wanging them is so satisfying,

    We needed our giant rhubarb leaves as umbrellas on the plot yesterday.

    1. haha! Well, we have the canal the other side of the hedge, so if I throw hard enough..! However, there was a barge moored up all day yesterday so I had to be a bit careful :-)


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