Sunday, 24 May 2015

Loving Life on the Allotment

Two sessions on the plot today as it was so warm and pleasant. In the morning there were lots of plotholders on site tending, planting and sowing which is so good to see. The worked plots on site are looking great at this time of year.
I made a pretty salad at lunchtime from the radish and salad leaf that I had to move in the raised bed. It may be small but it was a hot little plateful with chives and par-cel for extra flavour.

We got a lot done on the second warm, dry day of this bank holiday weekend. Jamie mowed and we trimmed the edges of the grass paths in an attempt to keep the slugs at bay.
Rhubarb is doing rather well this year
I planted out 12 of my fennel (florence - bulb) seedlings - really hope there are still 12 when we go up tomorrow. I added some slug pellets and mesh to stop the birds eating the pellets (or the disgusting remains of poisoned slugs). I have a second lot of seedlings which don't have their second leaves yet, so they can go out in a few weeks time.
Florence fennel in the raised bed
I potted on the French marigolds and the Russian Giant sunflowers. The marigolds will go all over the place as they're so bright and pretty. They're also going alongside our sprouts as they are meant to deter whitefly.

They'd probably be ok going in the ground, but we haven't sorted out where they're going yet, so we're hardening the sunflowers off outside along with the leek seeds and sprout seeds which won't appreciate the heat in the greenhouse.

The courgette and squash really want out too, but they're heading to have a little more waiting to do.
The wild flowers, radish, stocks and Silverskin onions that we sowed last week are up! And 3 little gherkins have germinated - hope the slugs leave this second sowing alone...
The Tenerife potatoes in the bags and the ground are looking ok (well, the foliage is). We're not sure if there may be a frost later this week, so we're holding off earthing up until we know.


  1. All we need is decent weather and we crack on in leaps and bounds don't we?

  2. Looking good, especially the salad.
    It used to be difficult for me to add comments but maybe it will be easier now I have signed up to Blogger and google+.
    I hope your sunflowers do well.

  3. What a productive day and ended so nicely with a home-grown salad. Perfect.


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