Friday, 21 June 2013

Ugh - Leased land is rubbish!

Oh no, here we go again....
De-ja-vu of 2009
We've been told by the developer/landowner won't extend the lease on Marsh Lane because it could put a block on future development of the site :-( Basically we can't use the site as an allotment even though there's no planning application in sight yet. So frustrating!! So much time and effort put in to make the Marsh Lane site such a brilliant commodity for Hungerford.

There's the likelihood of an alternative site but at present that would also be on a short lease - not a great position - can just imagine re-posting this in another 4 years....
We'll have to see what happens at the HAHA AGM on Monday evening.

On a plus note, in the last week we've eaten our first handful of strawberries - bad luck Jamie for getting the one that the red ants had got into <bleah>
Jamie also planted out six more Scarlet Empire runner beans and two jack-be-little squashes.
My fennel is still being eaten. I tried spraying with various things - the detergent seems to have got rid of the greenfly but I think slugs were joining in the fun. 7 plants left now....


  1. Oh no what a blow - the lease bit and Jamie's share of the strawberries.

    I'm not sure but I seem to remember that if enough people banded together and asked the council to provide an allotment site they had to. If you are in the NSALG they should be able to advise.

    1. Well, you may have just seen my latest update. It seems our allotment traumas always run to the 11th hour.
      On a lighter note Jamie had a lovely strawberry on the plot this evening :-)


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