Friday, 21 June 2013

Am I dreaming?!

Well, I thought I must be but at the moment it seems that I'm not!
Unbelievably, about 10 minutes after publishing my last post I was notified that the developer had a change of heart (I know! I know!)Our Marsh Lane lease is to be extended for two years subject to contracts being signed!!

We went to the plot later and had a little celebration with our fellow plotholders - some of whom hadn't received the first email so were blissfully unaware of the pains most of us were going through!
The HAHA AGM should be a more light-hearted affair now :-)


  1. I am very pleased for you all.

  2. Good news nice to hear and lets hope it turns out to be longer than 2 years.

  3. Thanks all for your support. We've still got our fingers crossed as it's agreed 'subject to contract' but it seems like it will happen. So relieved!

    I wish the weather was better today so we could be celebrating on the plot. There was such a happy atmosphere up there yesterday afternoon when the second bit of the news was published!

  4. You forgot to tell me this........I've been thinking how miserable you must all be and thought I'd look at the blog to witness the doom and gloom!!
    Wonderful news - long may he decide not to develop!!


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