Monday, 3 June 2013

A Bit of Planting

Another lovely sunny day started with us collecting two bags and a bucketful of horse manure from beside the road at Liddington. We've driven past the 'free manure' sign so many times!
So, when we got to the plot I dug nice deep holes and filled them with the manure. I planted the Uchiki Kuri plants by the trellis and put the Floridor yellow (round courgette) in the legume quarter.
I want to put the green courgette where the lettuce are, but that can wait a bit.
The watering system is a plastic bottle with a length of pipe attached; the aim being to let the water seep down to the roots rather than running off the surface. I've used flower pots for the same purpose by the trellis.
The hole on plot 8b is waiting for the Cornell's Bush Delicata, which eventually germinated but is nowhere ready to be planted yet.
While I was doing that Jamie planted up the tomato plants. He's put a cane through into the ground to stop them toppling over and we loosely attached the plant to it. They're looking rather unhappy with their browning leaves but hopefully they'll cheer up in the big pots full of Tomorite grow bags... we'll see...


  1. So how often do you top up the bottles?

  2. I'll probably top them up whenever I visit - if the ground looks dry. It looks bone dry at the moment so we're doing a lot of watering of the stuff that is just getting used to being in the big wide world, rather than in a pot.


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