Sunday, 30 June 2013


Another scorching day so we went to the allotment in the morning and went back in the afternoon - just too hot to stay out in the sun over midday too.

We were working on the HAHA Plot all day. It was meant to be 'unusual vegetables - the kinds the supermarkets don't sell' but it's getting less unusual as the weeks have moved on!
Having said that, we've planted/sown the following on there now:
  • Uchiki Kuri - onion squash
  • Golden Hubbard - Winter squash (donated by Liz & Ken)
  • Jack-be-Little - small pumpkins
  • Floridor Yellow - round yellow courgette
  • Purple Haze - purple carrots
  • Globe Artichoke (donated by Jonathan)
With two sides planted up with french marigolds it should look pretty and once the squashes start spreading it'll fill out.
We've still got a few more things to sow and still have 3 months till the Hungerford Food Festival so hopefully we'll have something to show on our stall or at least to share with other plotholders.

I decided we should pull one of our potato plants (one of the International Kidneys)- it's been 10 weeks since they were planted so we thought there may be something to show....
Unfortunately I jumped the gun and in fact there were only 4 tiny spuds :-( So, Jamie pulled a plant on one of the vacant plots - these had been in the ground for over a year but look pretty good, so we will have dinner tonight after all :-)
And I'll have salad for lunch tomorrow!


  1. I'd be interested to know what you think of the flavour of your International Kidney potatoes.

  2. Give it a couple of weeks and I hope I'll be able to share a review!


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