Thursday, 27 June 2013

HAHA Guides Plot

The HAHA constitution includes a clause to:
"Work with other groups in the Hungerford area to widen public support for allotments and seek opportunities to provide education to the community of Hungerford on gardening and allotment matters."
I think we achieved that yesterday evening when the Marsh Lane site had never been so busy! The 1st Hungerford Guides worked their plot for the first time.
The plot had been weed killed and rotavated a few weeks ago so digging wasn't too painful and the 30-ish Guides, plus helpers, managed to dig enough of the plot to plant some well-grown sweetcorn and pumpkin plants  (Thanks to Tony).
There will be a few weeding sessions and then in a few weeks we'll have a bbq and sweetcorn-eating session followed by a pumpkin carving event - that's the plan...

There was also plenty of wildlife spotting going on which is good to see - I had to step in when they were about to test the assumption that both ends of a worm survive if you chop one in half; Just got there before the spade did the evil deed!

While I was helping the girls Jamie planted up our sprouts and tidied up our plots. The runner beans are growing well and finally we have some french beans in the root trainers but they're not quite ready to go in the ground yet.



  1. I note your, 'innocent' comment 'weedkilled'. I wonder how?
    I am not getting at you Belinda, I weed kill with glyphosate and write about it on my blog, but somehow feel that many folk disapprove! Best of luck with your valuable community work.

    1. I know, Roger! We (Jamie and I) don't use Round Up on our plot, but as a committee we use it on empty plots and the surrounds to keep the areas under control. :-(
      Ditto re rotavating - we've never wanted to do that to our plots either...

  2. Ouch for the poor worm - although he and she wouldn't have survived long enough for the ouch. Similar to when I was teaching and the children tried to test whether a worm could swim!

    1. Aah, poor worms! Children are gruesome :-)


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