Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Broads and Strawbs

We've had a few visits to the plot since last week. Jamie transplanted the beets into the raised bed and we've got all the squashes in their places now. Still haven't got the brassicas planted up so we really need to get them done in the next week.
This evening we've got broad beans - our first harvest from the over-Wintered plants. We've also got a few strawberries for dessert and plenty more to come.

My florence fennel is down to seven plants now. I specifically grew them to go with my celeriac. My celeriac has bolted; I cut the flowering core out but don't know whether they'll bulb up now. Looks like I may be buying fennel and celeriac soup or relying on someone else's produce!

Something (probably a bird) got behind my protective netting on the mangetout and has made a real mess; a broken and tangled mess. I've protected it again and hopefully they'll still produce some pods...

We had the HAHA AGM last night. It was good. Lots of people turned up and (after the official stuff was out of the way) we had a good night of chat. Throughout the evening we had a slideshow of photos from Marsh Lane since the site was first chosen in 2008 to date. So fabulous seeing the changes over the years.

I've posted the slideshows to Youtube, so here's a link to them:


  1. Our spring sown broad beans are just setting pods so we'll be joining you with a bean harvest soon.

    1. Just had them with our dinner. Sooo good :-)

  2. Your Broad beans and Strawbs look delicious. Same here with the brassicas which are being neglected at the moment due to other things to do.

    1. They were delicious and we should have a good many more for meals over the next few weeks - the broad beans are worth the wait!


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