Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Seven Hour Day

Yes! 7 hours on the plot today. Much of that time it was sunny and hot - perfect!
There was a bit of construction going on. Jamie made up the sprout cage; 3m x 1m and 1 metre tall - that's for four Brussels plants with a few summer cabbages too. We're still keeping the potting composts/manure bags on the earth under the cage so that the ground keeps as compacted as possible - just what the sprouts like to stop them 'blowing'.

Then we put up the trellis for the Uchiki Kuri squash - it turned out a bit arty! Hope the nylon rope is strong enough to hold the squashes.
I potted on all the squashes which had germinated. Lots of yellow ball courgettes, should be a few of them to give away soon.
I sowed a row of salsify on plot 8 and put a row of transplanted lettuce alongside; Tom Thumb, Red and Little Gem varieties.
I also sowed a row of wild rocket by the onions and transplanted a couple of little self-seeded coriander plants (not sure how well they transplant though). I sowed some more petit pois as hardly any have grown, but the mangetout are looking good - seems the pigeons haven't spotted them yet!
All the while we had Robbie flying around us and eating worms, competing with his nemesis Mrs Blackbird.
We're a bit concerned about our tomato plants, which are still at home in the windowsill. They look healthy at the top....

But, at the base the leaves are dying back rather rapidly.
Really want to get them up the plot, but again the weather is threatening to go cold over the next couple of nights..

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  1. It's really time the weather decided that it was spring isn't it June is supposed to be the start of summer so spring needs to get a move on.


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