Sunday, 5 May 2013

Seedy Sunday

We managed to get most of our seeds sown this afternoon. It was warm and bright and the wind had dropped since yesterday - Thank Goodness.
Our potatoes have started to appear. This is the most advanced in the second row - it appears to be a Red Duke of York which fits in with the plan, so that's a good start!
These are two rows of Paris Silverskin onions, for pickling, and one row of Apache red salad onions. I'll hopefully succession sow a few more rows of salad onions in here too. As ever, my rows aren't straight, but they're labelled and topped with seed compost so whatever :-)
This is Jamie, very neatly, sowing our carrots, Sugarsnax F1. Three rows under the enviromesh cover. He used a wooden pole to make the straight drills - wish I'd done that for the onions!
We also sowed the following and they've gone into the greenhouse:
  • Tom Thumb lettuce (half a tray)
  • Lambs Lettuce (corn salad) Cavallo (half a tray)
  • Swiss Chard Bright Lights (I've sown these in modules so I can keep the most colourful ones)
  • Celeriac Asterix F1 (in modules)
  • Brussels Nelson F1 (in pots)
  • Cabbages Minicole F1 (in pots)
The squashes are sown 3 per pot (apart from the Cornells Bush Delicata). I really only want one of each type but I'm sure the others will find homes if they germinate and grow.
  • Winter Squash Cornells Bush Delicata (in pots)
  • Winter Squash Uchiki Kuri (in pots)
  • Courgette Ambassador (normal green type) (in pots)
  • Courgette Floridor F1 (round yellow type) (in pots)
These were sown into the raised bed:
  • Turnip Oasis
  • Radish French Breakfast 3
  • Radish Chinese Dragon
And night scented stock have been sown around the grape hyacinths so they'll produce a lovely evening fragrance when we're sitting on our bench.


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