Saturday, 11 May 2013

Allotment Stuff, but Indoors

We've been backwards and forwards to the plot during the rainy, sunny, windy week; opening and closing the greenhouse and the last two days checking that the wind hasn't blown everything away! We've lost a couple of the bottle cloches and had gained a bucket but everything else was where we'd left it!

Very pleased to say that nearly all the parsnips have germinated, as have quite a few of the newly sown broad beans, Tom Thumb lettuce and the night stocks. Most of the potatoes are up but we're missing International Kidney and Arran Pilot at the moment - hopefully they'll appear in the next couple of days.

Today I spent the day doing HAHA stuff. We've quite a few empty plots on site and not many people on the waiting list - probably because of the issues with the lease renewal - still no news :-(
Jamie potted on the Lizzano tomatoes which are getting rather leggy but have at least a week before we can risk putting them up the plot - they've even got some tiny buds on them!
The Redskin peppers are looking pretty happy in the window sill. They were delivered on 1st May from Thompson & Morgan.
Jamie also sowed some Jack-Be-Little pumpkins which we'll germinate under a grow lamp in a cloche in our bedroom.

We bought our bamboo canes and plan to work on the plot tomorrow - though now rain is forecast and I think it's chilly and I'm fed up with the STOOPID WIND!!


  1. Tell me about it - my washing ended up in Oxford!

  2. I potted on Redskins today but they don`t look anything like yours.

    1. We bought plants, they're not home-grown seedlings

  3. Do you think the allotment bubble has burst?

    1. I really hope it's just because of the uncertainty, but last year's weather didn't help! Though we really want more people on the waiting list to urge the renewal process...


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