Friday, 17 May 2013

Cold Nights

Lucky we covered up; the temperature hit zero in the small hours of Thursday. We saw a bit of frost-burn around the site but nothing too devastating ~apart from for those people who had dared to put their runners out  :-(

The temperatures for Thursday night were forecast to be about 4° so we decided to be brave and leave the strawberries uncovered. At least one seed of each squash variety has germinated and so have some sprouts and cabbages but still no sign of either variety of runner bean. And I think a mouse may have eaten all the peas that I sowed, there are some strange markings on the soil...
Cold sunset
We were chatting with Malcolm and listening to a cuckoo when Paul drew our attention to a barn owl flying gracefully across the site. So lovely to see! We've never seen one on site before. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready, but I did (just about) manage to snap it later as we walked home across Freemans Marsh. It had been flying around for a while and then rested on a fence post.


  1. Well done for capturing the image of the owl. We`re having trouble with the runner beans too. Mice have had a go at them and they`ve even eaten some basil. Found a vole in my greenhouse today stuck in a pot of water. I released it but wonder what it was after.

  2. Thanks Belinda.This reminded me that I needed to put the glass back over the cold frames to protect the sweetcorn etc,so I've just been up the garden with a headtorch.
    At least I did this at 10:00 pm tonight.Last night I had to get out of bed at 1:00 am and do it!
    The slugs are out.

  3. It is still a bit early for runners - plenty of time to sow more. Lovely spot of the barn owl - taking a photo of birds in flight is very tricky!


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