Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weeding in the sun

Another dry day and today with sunshine - we really are feeling spoilt!
This was taken at about 5:00
We saw our first ladybird of the year - it appeared to be hibernating on an old brassica stalk. It's a harlequin ladybird.
We had a couple of hours on the plot, just doing some tidying and clearing. So many weeds and so much grass :-( At least it's not too hard pulling them free from the ground as it's been so wet.
Our robin had his nose (beak) put out of joint today by a very cocky female blackbird who was happy to hop very close to pinch worms that 'Robbie' would have had. He was around too but didn't get the first pick of worms :-)
We went home with leeks for tea - still quite a few left in the ground.

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