Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weeding and Digging

Looks pretty doesn't it?
Not so good when you see it in less detail, though still vaguely pleasing to the eye ....
But just horrible when you see it in real life!
Ugh. Weeds, moss. mud and spring onion remains. All thriving under the netting which we hadn't cleared away.

Now, I'd love to write the identity of this moss, but as is always the case when you start looking into these things, you find it's a much larger subject than you may originally think! Suffice to say, there's a LOT of moss in the UK!

I'm pleased to say that by the time we left the plot today the area was weed free, dug and looking much more loved - we're hoping that the moss will just die off and the birds can eat up any slug eggs they find!


  1. The moss should disappear if it dries up.

    Too muddy for us at the moment

    1. It would be good to have a week of dry weather. We may get a few dry days at the end of the week but have some biting strong winds to contend with first :-{


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