Sunday, 3 February 2013

Planning for this year (Part One)

We didn't make it to the plot yesterday - shame as it was a sunny day but we've just got too many germs between us to bear going out in the cold!

So, we did a bit of planning. We've drawn up part of this years plan - the basics for Plot 7.
We're going to be moving more plantings to Plot 8B - the sweetcorn will be over there, with the jack-o-lantern pumpkins growing through them...
The celeriac will also go back on Plot 8B - possibly in the same spot as last year but this year I'm growing from seed. Ditto for fennel; I need to read up a bit about how/where to grow it. Last year I sowed it in the herb bed, because I didn't realise the difference between herb fennel and the big bulb type I want for soup.

On Plot 7 I'm thinking of having some sort of trellis for the Uchiki Kuri squash - but this definitely needs a bit more work!

Another new vegetable for us this year is salsify. I've seen that it doesn't need a lot of work and stays in the ground till October/November so I'm not too sure where that will go yet - maybe in with the parsnips - but that is a very busy quarter already!

Hmm, writing this has made me realise we need to do a lot more planning - I'll call this blog entry 'part one'!


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    1. Thanks! It's a bit overboard, but you know I work in IT :-)

  2. So was the celeriac a success as growing it seems beyond our capabilities?

    1. Yes, the celeriac was pretty successful - - mostly due to the wettest year on record I think!
      We bought some plants from the garden centre, planted them on a bag of B&Q compost. I did earth them up a bit but otherwise pretty much left them to it - weeding was sporadic.

    2. Can't have been just the weather as ours didn't form roots well not the swollen type. Had the same problem for a few years now as has our plot neighbour

    3. Hmm, will find out this year if it was just beginner's luck! Unfortunately I don't know the variety from last year.


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