Monday, 18 February 2013

Two Quarters Dug

I was using up a days leave today and the sun shone! It was about 8° so very pleasantly warm in the sunshine. In fact, it's been so sunny that this dandelion decided it was worth opening its flower - shame it had already been pulled up and was on our spoils heap!

And, amazing, we saw our first butterfly! It flew by a couple of times but was going so fast we couldn't identify it - it looked like tortoiseshell-type colours.
Our rhubarb is looking very feeble! I took the cover off it so it can get a little sunshine. It's only its first year though, so we're not expecting it to produce anything this year - except maybe one stalk for some rhubarb vodka!

That is IT!

For the next couple of hours Jamie spent time re-building the frame for our leeks and shallots and I moved the frame for the peas - this year we're growing mange tout and petit pois.
Then for the rest of the afternoon I was digging over the second quarter - where our potatoes are going this year. The earth was pretty easy to dig (though my back is suffering!) and it didn't need a serious dig as we'll be digging trenches for the spuds as usual anyway.
It looked good when we left though so we're half way there - with Plot 7. Plot 8 will be more taxing...


  1. I like the neat way that you've trenched round the edges.
    This year I'm trying to till my plot just using a "peasant" azada and smaller double ended hoe ,after last year's double digging with a long fork.
    Gave it a very quick once over in a couple of sessions last week and now want to leave it for a while to properly dry out before another going over.No point in rushing to sow things here in north Lancashire.

    1. Thanks.
      Jamie does like to do the trenches and it does mean that the couch grass has a little way to go before reaching out plot!
      We're with you on that - we're not going to rush into sowing either.

  2. Our soil isn't diggable yet but our rhubab is doing wellrr

    1. I must say ours is the weakest looking rhubarb I've seen this year. I'm hoping it is normal for a first year...

  3. Your rhubarb is fine. Just wait a bit longer.

  4. Too cold to go out - tell me about it! Even walking across the kitchen made a cold draught! We haven't even attempted digging the veg patch yet - If we got the fork in, we probably couldn't get it out again.
    Our rhubarb looks okay but I'm not sure it will like this cold.

    1. Apparently rhubarb likes a bit of frost - unlike us!!


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