Sunday, 24 February 2013

Too Cold to Hang Around!

A quick visit to the plot this afternoon to pick some leeks for two days dinners. We picked mostly from the ones which had been undercover and a couple from the ones which have been out in the open.
 The covered ones have been generally larger than the uncovered ones. There are only 3 left in the covered section (though they're not covered anymore).
It was bitterly cold - reached 2° with a low of -4° over the last week and there have been dry flakes of sleet falling for the last two days.
No sign of our robin but the female blackbird was staying close and was had puffed up her feathers for warmth.
Had a quick peeop at our over-wintered broad beans which are still looking ok. Some other beans on site have been taken down by the frost - not sure whether that's the variety that was used or because they had grown a bit too tall too early (like ours did last year).
You can see we're not going to be living on broad beans but hopefully we'll get a few early ones...


  1. Some fine looking Leeks there and the Broad beans appear to be coming along well. I'm way behind with sowing still. Going to attempt some jam making this weekend using the fruit from last year thats in the freezer.

  2. Wow the beans look good. So fresh.


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