Saturday, 16 February 2013

More Days like this, please!

That's more like it! Three days with no rainfall. We've had an inch of rain since our last visit to the plot a week ago -- evidence in the form of our new rain gauge...
It was so good to be digging the plot and having other plotholders to watch and talk to for a change!
The ground is muddy but very diggable (doesn't look like a word, but we know what it means!) and last year's potato quarter looks pretty much ready for this years onions now - we're expecting Thompson & Morgan to deliver our Santero F1 onion sets very soon, joining the garlic which is looking good - 15 bulbs have sprouted.

Garlic shooting up well
While Jamie was doing most of the digging I was clearing away the beets which had grown to mammoth size. Although Boltardy I can't think that they wouldn't be woody so they'll be thrown away but I left them on a spare bit of plot for the mice to enjoy for a bit. As I was pulling them I saw a lot of centipedes, spiders and slugs. Hopefully the birds will deal with clearing the slugs and the slug eggs we found. See the Wildlife blog for more


  1. We dug some beetroot yesterday but they were still fairly small and looked fine

  2. That patch of prepared ground looks good and ready for planting. Ours is far too wet to even stand on. It needs a few weeks of dry weather at least. The soil just glues itself to a spade or fork!


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