Friday, 6 April 2012

Sow & Sow!

We had a good day on the plot today. It was a lovely morning, especially when the sun was shining and only got a bit chilly later in the afternoon. Still cold overnight though -4° at some stage in the last week!

We actually managed to do some sowing in between talking to our plot-holder buddies who had all turned up today. We've sowed:
  • White Gem parsnips; just 14 under enviromesh (to protect from carrot fly) but 3 seeds per hole - it's brutal but we'll cut off the two weakest seedlings if they do all germinate.
  • Early Nantes 2 carrots; 3 short rows under enviromesh as we intend to eat them small.
  • Purple Haze carrots; 1 short row next to the Early Nantes rows.
  • Silverskin onions; 2 rows under enviromesh (to protect from leek moth) - sown crowded so that they hopefully form lovely small, round onions for pickling!
  • White Lisbon spring onions; 1 row in the bed with the Silverskins. Hope to succession sow these this year.
  • Oarsman leeks; 30 in individual pot trays.
  • Marionette mix marigolds; 2 trays covered with vermiculite. Not just because they're pretty - they will be near the tomatoes which should mean they mask the smell to put the whitefly off. Also they're so bright they encourage other friendly beasties to the plot e.g. hoverflies, bees, etc.
    New cold frame for some of our seeds

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