Friday, 6 April 2012

Onions and Shallots

Our onions and shallots are looking pretty happy. Nearly all of them have sprouted; we'll give them a week and pull any which don't want to grow as they may be diseased. Some of the shallots leaves get caught up in the skins so I gave them a helping hand and released the leaves so they can stretch out properly. We've put the newly-sown leeks in with the covered shallots so they get plenty of light.

Freed shallot
Happy onions
I found this fly on the outside of the shallot enviromesh but am pleased to say it isn't an onion fly! It's a Bibio johannis apparently so generally eats decayed vegetation and grass roots.

Bibio johannis

And lastly, we marked up the rows for our spuds - we intend to get two rows planted up tomorrow. We've planned about 45cm between each row to leave enough dirt and room for earthing up.
We've shredded lots of paper and have grass cuttings to add to the bottom of the trenches, mainly for water retention.


  1. One shallot had gone mouldy so that was pulled out. All the others are looking healthy at the moment.

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