Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nice weather for snails

Soooo wet and chilly! We transplanted all the marigolds into the bigger trays and I sowed some calendula and put them all in the cloche.
We mulched around the raspberries with well rotted horse manure from Andy at work and took the bottle cloches off the broad beans which are big enough to look after themselves now.
That was enough - as it was we spent more than half the time in the container just watching the birds and enjoying watching the rain from under cover! It sure is getting a good soaking!


  1. It certainly is wet, (same again here today). Funnily enough I haven't noticed many slugs & snails about. Maybe they are waiting for an organized attack when the rain stops. Seems to be an increase in Cut worms this year though. You are both looking very pensive whilst having a brew.

  2. Hmm, I'd not heard the name 'cutworms' before. I know what you're referring to though. We saw quite a few earlier in the year when we were digging - they all went over the hedge toward the canal :-)


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