Saturday, 31 March 2012

Back home

We're home from hols and apparently missed some amazing hot (20°+) and sunny days over the last week, though the thermometer showed that the minimum was -0.5°.

Whilst in Tenerife we saw that the locals are growing lots of potatoes. Some had even harvested some - well it is the island of eternal spring.
This was near La Oratova (up the mountain-side) where they get a lot of cloudy, misty weather so we figure they must mainly stick to growing early varieties to avoid blight. Lovely to see something so familiar growing amongst grape vines and orange trees!

Quick trip to the plot this morning to see what we've missed. Our shallots and onions have a lot more greenery showing. The salad seeds and radishes have sprouted - but no sign of the corn salad or broad beans yet.
We watered everything as there's been no rain but under the surface the earth is still quite damp.
Now we need to start sowing, but not today!

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