Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spuds are in!

Today we planted up two rows of First Earlies. Three different varieties:
  • Belana (4)
  • Red Duke of York (2)
  • Orla (2)
  • Chopin (8)
We mixed up shredded packaging paper (thanks, Amazon!) and grass cuttings for the bottom of the 25cm deep trenches. This should help with water retention and the grass will add some acidity. That layer was topped with the Westland Organic Farmyard manure (from Hungerford's Garden Centre) which has been sitting on the plot for a few months - it had lots of worms in it and we gave it a drenching.

A small layer of earth was added and then the chitted potatoes were put at a depth of about 12cm and then covered completely with our very dry earth.
 The dry edges of the trench were crumbling away as we dug although it did drizzle for much of the day. We still haven't mastered the art of straight lines!

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