Sunday, 15 April 2012

Various forms of life

Well, one week after sowing and the marigolds are already up! If only everything was so quick to germinate - all round site you can see people peering into pots and cloches! One cabbage has showed itself and maybe a carrot but nothing else has appeared yet...
Marigold seedlings
I sowed a few rainbow chard directly into the ground, Jamie doesn't like it and I don't eat it much so really no need to plant more than a few plants - I put the cloches on to protect them from weather and birds for a while. I've added some protection to my row of beets - I thought I saw a seedling there yesterday but it's not there today :-( This bit of perspex may put pigeons off and may help a little with germination.

Much of the afternoon was spent clearing our compost - we did it in January but one bin in particular was rather wet. We took most of the compost out of both bins and mixed it all with some grass cuttings, a bit of manure and lots of broken up corrugated cardboard - that should aerate it and help the worms and many other creatures to help break down the compost.
Took this photo to see how quickly it rots down
It was amazing seeing all the life in there - worms, beetles, slugs, tiny mites and millipedes.
Mini millipede
I also found this nice looking butterfly. He (I think it's a male) was resting on the stone pile around the edge of the site. This one's larvae should steer clear of our plot and eat more hedgerow-type plants - including couch grass!
We've seen very few butterflies but lots of bees and ladybirds so far this year.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

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